Rights of Passage at the Merlin Theatre

Rights of Passage at the Merlin Theatre, Sheffield on Monday 30th May 2016 - Friends of Edward Carpenter are proud to bring this original production from Clare Summerskill and Artemis Theatre to Sheffield and to the newly renovated Merlin Theatre. An inspirational new play about the struggles and triumphs of people from LGBT communities who have fled to the UK from persecution. What happens when they get to the country that they hope will offer refuge? Who is welcome, who is deported, and who is locked up?

You leave your own country in fear of your life. You come here to be free. But now you are friendless, penniless, jobless, and scared to present yourself to the Home Office, in case they don't believe you - in case they send you back.

Based on interviews with LGBT asylum seekers, Rights of Passage shares the experiences of those who come to the UK from anti-LGBT countries where their lives are under threat. Real-life stories brought to the stage unveil the issues of those who come to the UK and often live under the radar, terrified of being forcefully returned to their country of origin.

Dramatically moving, Rights of Passage is written by the brilliant Clare Summerskill (Once Upon a Lifetime and Gateway to Heaven.)