Edward Carpenter Forum
The Edward Carpenter Forum is dedicated to the exploration of the life, ideas, and work of the pioneering thinker, activist and visionary Edward Carpenter and his circle. www.edwardcarpenterforum.org

Edward Carpenter Community of Gay Men 
The Edward Carpenter Community (ECC) exists to provide opportunities to express our identity as gay men.  www.edwardcarpentercommunity.org.uk

The Sheffield City Council Libraries and Archives Edward Carpenter Collection 
The Edward Carpenter collection was donated to Sheffield City Libraries in the 1930s and is divided into two parts.  The first includes Carpenter’s personal library of over 1,000 books and pamphlets.  The second consists of many editions and translations of Carpenter's own works including almost every periodical to which he contributed, and 2,280 papers which comprise the manuscripts of nearly all his books, letters from friends and publishers and notebooks.  This part of the collection has been added to by friends and scholars who have continued to write about Carpenter. www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/libraries-archives

Edward Carpenter's Wikipedia entry. 

Reviews and commentary on: Edward Carpenter: A Life of Liberty and Love, By Sheila Rowbotham 

Verso Books (publisher)  /www.versobooks.com

Tristram Hunt in The Observer www.guardian.co.uk

Colm Toibin in The London Review of Books www.lrb.co.uk


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